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The Zimbabwe I Know (DVD)

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The zimbabwe I know

I enjoyed the movie. also I was happy some of my favorite actors and actresses from naija got the opportunity to do a movie in zimbabwe. more zim movies please.

rosie :: 30 Aug 2011, 13:07

About This Film

THE much-awaited movie The Zimbabwe I Know was finally launched in the capital on Thursday the 4th of MArch amid calls by players in the arts and hospitality industry to deal with piracy and use film as a vehicle of promoting national tourism. Speaker after speaker hailed the new production as a step in the right direction that not only promoted bilateral ties between Zimbabwe and Nigeria but was also a potent tourism and cultural marketing tool. The acting chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Givemore Chidzidzi described the movie as "a very historic moment" for Zimbabwean and African tourism. "It is a very historic moment and we are very excited about it. This is the first step in the right and positive direction. "Our (Zimbabwe Tourism Authority) interest in the film industry is not a hidden one considering that the industry contributes a lot to tourism. "Zimbabwe can be positioned as a location for both films and tourism. There are a lot of places that we started knowing through movies and people ended up identifying with them, so in a very big way that augments our efforts in marketing our tourist attractions," said Chidzidzi. He further added that the film industry was a key driver of the national economy in that it contributed immensely to the country's Gross Domestic Product. "We are also looking at the impact of films on the economy. People can earn revenue. We want this movie to prompt other people internationally to come and make films in Zimbabwe. "That will create a new market niche for ourselves," said Chidzidzi. Chidzidzi commended the Nigerian business community in Zimbabwe for their efforts and commitments in promoting local initiatives. He urged other foreign business people operating inside Zimbabwe to take a leaf from the Nigerians -- represented by Oketex Investments -- and support local initiatives. "Imagine a kung-fu or karate film being made here in Zimbabwe involving Zimbabweans and Jackie Chan coming here," he observed. Chief Jerry Okeke, described the joint project as the harbinger of greater things to come. "This is just the beginning. We are going to have more of such movies in the near future. I believe this is going to be better than Nigeria because two heads are better than one. Mai Azuka and Tom and Jerry are also eager to come," he said. Amion Sibindi the president of the newly-formed Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industries -- who was flanked by his deputy Charles Nyakabau -- had no kind words for pirates, adding that there was need for adequate measures to be put in place to deal with the scourge. Sibindi however said he was glad to hear that the movie was protected from piracy through a mechanism that prevented the duplication of its copies. "I am glad to hear that this movie can't be pirated. This is exactly the kind of technology that should be brought here to Zimbabwe full-time so that music or films are not pirated," he said. Sibindi is also the director of a leading recording company Metro Studios. Chief George Amarachi Okeke said although the movie was saddled by a number of "hiccups" that threatened to derail it, he was glad that it has finally been launched. The Zimbabwe I Know started off as an ambitious project between Zimbabwean and Nigerian actors more than two years ago at the behest of the chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Karikoga Kaseke. The project became part of ZTA's Celebrity Hosting initiative that saw some prominent "Nollywood" actors coming to Zimbabwe. However, it was not clear when the movie will be available in local cinema houses with George Okeke saying that they were waiting to strike deals with authorities at some cinema venues. "The problem is that at the moment we don't run a cinema house but if the cinema people approach us then it will be available there," he said. Whiel Chief Okeke said while the movie would be available at a very affordable price in order to make it accessible to a wider audience, they were however waiting for the Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industries to peg a standard selling price for the movie. Filmmaker and actor Nobert Fero, among others, also attended the launch.

Metro :: 20 Nov 2010, 18:59

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